Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Born

Growing up there were things that I wanted to do when I was out of school.  I wanted to be a football player, rock star, I even dreamed of being a n accountant, yes an accountant.  You see I am great at basic math and since people needed their taxes done I figured that would be a secure job.  It wasn't until college that I started to desire getting married and having kids.  Something inside me told me that father hood would be fun.  I really had no idea what I was wanting at the time.

Well the only dream that has come true is that I did get married to my beautiful wife and had my first child in December of 2011.  It took two long years for us to get pregnant, and when we did I was so overjoyed.  I really wanted to have a baby girl and do the whole daddy's girl thing, even though I didn't know much about little girls.  I grew up with two brothers and although my family adopted two girls I was older and didn't pay much attention to how they acted.  So even with very little girl experience I still wanted that cute daddy's girl.

I prayed, hoped, and prayed some more that my baby was a girl.  We already had a name picked out if it was a girl, which would make things easier.  I remember the day that we went for our first ultrasound, I feared up when I saw my child for the first time, although I would have to wait a while before I knew the sex of the baby.  To hear my child's heartbeat and a basic figure of what it looked like was life changing.  It suddenly became real that I was in fact becoming a father, sooner than later at that.  I could not wait until that 3-D ultrasound to see what my baby was.

When that day came I could hardly wait I was so excited.  We went into the doctor where Imwas a bit nervous waiting on the pictures.  When they called us back I felt a relief, finally I was going to find out if it was a girl or a boy. Fingers crossed as we sat down and the tech started to rub the gel on my wife's belly.  Then the tech showed us the money shot, and I almost started crying for joy as the tech announced what I already knew, it was a girl.  I was very excited to be the father of a baby girl.  We decided on the name Charity Elizabeth, well my wife decided on that name, but I really liked it anyways.

The rest of the nine months dragged by as I watched my child grow inside my wife.  The sickness was something I hoped would stop, I hated seeing my wife that way, but that is a part of having kids unfortunately.  My wife started having minor complications and was put on bed rest for the last two weeks, however the doc said that of Charity didn't come soon she would induce my wife due to the issues.  So a couple of weeks later we headed to the hospital knowing that we would meet our baby girl for the first time in the next 24 hours.  That night was a long one as the medication was not helping my wife into labor.  Finally after receiving an epidural things started moving fast.  As I watched the birth of my daughter in amazement I couldn't believe that we with the help of Fod created such a beautiful child.  She was a good size at 8.2 pounds and she screamed as she came out.  She was perfect.

As I held Charity in my arms for the first time I knew that my life would forever be changed.  The joy and love I felt for that child was beyond anything I had ever felt in my life.  I felt good about my future as a husband and a father.  I just prayed that she would grow up to be a sweet child for I was a bit of a mean spirited kid, luckily my wife was a good child growing up so we had a fifty fifty chance on that outcome. Either way I was going to love her and give her my all no matter who she becomes. Even though it hasn't been a full two years yet I still look back to the day I first found out I was going to be a daddy.

We recently found out we are expecting a baby boy in November so that will be fun as well I can't wait.

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