Thursday, September 12, 2013


Bed time used to be so much easier when my daughter was a baby.  We would feed her a bottle and rock her to sleep.  So sweet and innocent at that age, oh how I miss those days.  Once they get bigger going to bed can be a hassle, especially if they get a late nap or if they are sick.  We finally got my daughter out of her crib and into a small toddler bed which she loves.  Unfortunately she only wants to sleep in it for naptime.  When it comes to going to bed she wants to fight and do everything she can to stay awake.  She gets giggly when it's bed time, and even though she is cute when she is tired, I don't like staying up real late trying to unwind her.  I get up too early for that.  

So my wife has started to try something new with her.  She will put her in our bed to get her to go to sleep.  If that doesn't work she will bounce her or go into the bathroom and hold her while the shower runs.  I guess my daughter likes the sound of running water, it helps sooth her. Only there is an issue is when I get to bed they are both sound a sleep.  I don't want to wake my daughter trying to move her because she is not a sound sleeper, so I leave her there for a while.  Eventually I also fall a sleep and she sleeps in our bed all night.  Now I can't get her to sleep in her room and now I can't sleep.

Whoever thinks putting your toddler in bed with you is a good idea, watch out they won't go back to their own bed.  They get too comfortable sleeping with mom and dad that they don't want to be alone.  My daughter is restless and is wild while she sleeps which makes my sleep awful.  I will say my daughter is sweet when she wakes up.  She wakes me up with an I love you or hey daddy as she puts her face right in mine.  Not a bad way to wake up in the morning, but I have to get her used to sleeping back in her own bed.  Somehow, some way, and some time soon.