Thursday, September 5, 2013

Being A Sports Fan And A Father

I always dreamed of having kids who would be as big of sports fans as I am.  You see me wife despises sports, for the most part.  Aside form the occasional Braves game we attend or televised college hoops game she doesn't understand why I love sports so much.  For all of you guys who have wives who love sports lucky you lol  Anyways I figured hey if she won't  watch sports with me I will get my kids to watch them with me.  I get tired of rooting for my favorite sports team by myself, as my wife sits back and laughs as I get fired up when my team is doing good, or poorly.

When my daughter was born it was in December of 2011, towards the end of football season and the beginning of college basketball.  I am a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan when it comes to college hoops, so I thought her birth was perfect timing.  Finally I had someone to lay there and watch the games with me.  Everything was going the way I planned, my daughter would lay in my arms and either sleep or drink a bottle as we watched the games.  I even tried to teach her the Jayhawk chant.  I was in sports and fatherly heaven all at once, my little sports buddy.

After basketball  season ended my daughter was getting to the age where she started to crawl and get into things.  Since there really aren't much going on in sports until later in the summer when baseball season is heading towards the playoffs, we didn't keep up with watching sports.  At the time I figured no big deal right, boy was I wrong.  When football season came back around she was walking.  When a child starts walking forget getting them to sit still for more than five minutes, they would rather be running getting into everything instead of watching a game with daddy.  I found out my child is a busy body and refuses to sit still.  I did get her to watch some basketball games with me though i  which she made me proud by doing the Jayhawk chant last year.

This year however things will be different, she will be two and she loves to run around.  Sigh I think most of the games will be spent chasing her around, instead of watching the game, but maybe I can get her to sit for a few minutes.  Who am I kidding that is not a reality. Lol the things we give up for our kids.  Hey I love my little girl and she is worth giving up the occasional sports game to play.  Maybe before long I can turn her around into a lean, mean, sports watching machine lol.  If not I will have another little one to hold and feed during basketball season this year.  Hopefully my son will watch sports with me instead, that's what boys are supposed to do anyways, right?