Thursday, September 12, 2013

At The Park

So all my daughter ever talks about is going to the park and sliding on the slides.  We have a park about a mile from the house I like to take her to.  It is a very kid friendly park and not much traffic.  So I told her after she took a nap we would go to the park, which she didn't understand she had to nap first.  So she woke up and here we are after a quick stop for ice cream we are playing at the park.  It is a good day to be our here not too hot with some cloud cover makes for a nice day.  Charity's favorite thing to do is to climb up the steps and slide down the slide over and over again.  I don't know that she can ever get tired of the slide.  Over and over she goes up and then back down, it is so much fun watching her.

I'm glad my daughter loves being outside instead of being in front of the tv like I was.  It makes me happy to know I have an active daughter l.  I do wish I had a nicer yard so I could build her some play things in our yard, then she could play outside almost everyday.  The energy she has at 21 months is incredible, she is such a busy body.  There she goes again back down the slide lol. She keeps hollering "hey dadda hey dadda" as she sneaks up behind me to see what I'm doing.

What is it about kids and rocks.  Even at her young age Charity loves to pick up and throw rocks.  Rock throwing must be imbedded into kids DNA since I never tougher her to throw rocks and she is rarely around other kids so it must be a second nature for them.  She keeps putting them on the slide and telling me to go down it lol.  Eventually she decides to slide down through the rock infested slide instead. Well here I go I think I'll show her how it's done.

Well I'm going to get going so I can play with my daughter.  I will do more blogging later on.  I hope y'all are enjoying these posts hope to hear from someone soon.